La Grotte Stellaire

Favorites | May 2015

La Grotte Stellaire IV in Hezliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Julien Salauds stellar cave inspired by ethno-astronomer Chantal Jègues Wolkiewiez, is at its best when it’s realigning the room with polygon wireframes.


Waterlicht - Daan Roosegaarde

Excursions | Amsterdam | May 2015

In an equally enchanting and compelling installation Daan Roosegaarde floods the museum square in Amsterdam. Dutch spectators who have forgotten just how far their country lies beneath sea level have a glimpse of the reality that is being kept out by Dutch engineering.


Favorites | April 2014

Bold colourful graphics, automotive context, I love Maser's work! But where have I seen this before? | gallery

STRP15 | Klokgebouw

Excursions | Eindhoven | March 2015

Creative technology installations in large industrial spaces: the STRP Biennale in the former Philips factories.


Favorites | March 2015

Daniel Crooks stitched together this endless back alley.

Micaël Reynaud

Favorites | Februari 2015

A couple of years ago an animation of a concrete block on a beach caught my attention. It was created using the Hitchcock Zoom. I was intriqued by the combination of advanced technique and unobtrusive subject. 


Favorites | Februari 2015

Routine is one of a couple of series exploring animated photography. Much like Dennis Hlynsky does in his Flightpath series.

The Factory Set | KunstHal

Excursions | Rotterdam | December 2014

As a long time admirer of his work, the exhibition The Factory Set in the KunstHal in Rotterdam is my first chance to finally meet a lot of Ron van der Ende’s work up close.

And that’s especially important because however cool his objects of choice may be, the real wonder is in the faux-3D of the work.