Micaël Reynaud

Amsterdam | februari 2015
A couple of years ago an animation of a concrete block on a beach caught my attention. It was created using the Hitchcock Zoom. I was intriqued by the combination of advanced technique and unobtrusive subject. 


RIOT - Isaac Julien

Februari | Tilburg
Six enormous projections, sometimes synchronised, sometimes mirrored or juxtaposed, underline the visual power of Isaac Julien’s work. But audio is at least as important. Julien: “Sometimes the audio is finished long before the final work.”



Amsterdam | februari 2015

Routine is one of a couple of series exploring animated photography. Much like Dennis Hlynsky does in his Flightpath series. 


Art Rotterdam

Februari | Rotterdam
Van Nelle Fabriek, TENT, Witte de With and MAMA


The Factory Set | KunstHal

December | Rotterdam
As a long time admirer of his work, the exhibition The Factory Set in the KunstHal in Rotterdam is my first chance to finally meet a lot of Ron van der Ende’s work up close.

And that’s especially important because however cool his objects of choice may be, the real wonder is in the faux-3D of the work.


Future Fictions | Z33

December | Hasselt
Between 3 and 7 november forty students of the MAD-Faculty and UHasselt designed several Future Fictions for Z33.


Anthony McCall | Eye

October | Amsterdam

Non solid objects fill the large museum rooms of Eye Amsterdam. Made of light and smoke, these objects are more interactive than the average work of art.


Bus Stop

Everyday craftmanship | video