Hi I’m Robin. I’m a designer with a camera. I take it with me whenever I go on excursions. This is where I keep track of the photos I love most. It’s also where I keep my internet favorites. You might like them too.


I could just bookmark these links or put them in my Pocket, but if I like something enough to make an effort, why not share it with you? More →


I like carrying a camera. It gives a sense of purpose and it enables to register impressive spaces, buildings and exhibitions. Or even the works on display themselves. Here's an overview of immortalized excursions. More →


These are my favorite photos, one by one. I don't stage photos, sometimes I know when it is going to work, but it's more special when it works out better than expected. There's obvious quality and there's photos that have something to them that I can't put my finger on. More →