Digital Decay

screenshotGraduation project. The Internet is not a highway anymore at all. You can forget about making miles these days. All these homepages and webcommercials make it look more like a small town center. Everybody has their own front lawn, some better taken care of than others, and every twenty feet you walk into a billboard. Once every while a search-engine will come along and mow the sides, but that doesn’t seem to happen very thoroughly. Only the taller grass will be taken. All the grass, from all those front lawns, ends up in the same heystack. And you of course have to be looking for that one needle…

Digital Decay takes a look at the differences between publishing for print and web. It does so from a designer’s point of view as well as from a publisher’s point of view. What can design do for online content, in terms of accessibility and data architecture. What are the problems, which (traditional) means are available and which are not. What possible alternatives for lost inherent content-feedback in print could we develop in the screen age?





work | concept | visual design | interaction design | frontend scripting

After 15 years it was with reluctance that I moved the project away from its original weblocation to a new one, thus finally making it a victim of ‘digital decay’ itself.

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