Radio Kootwijk

Looking like Gotham city in the Netherlands, Radio Kootwijk has long held a sense of mystery for me. This summer I finally had the chance to book a guided tour to the building and its surroundings. After the tour, some of the mystery has gone, but what I learned reinforced the legend.

Built as the first direct groundwave radio connection station to the Dutch colonies in Indonesia, Radio Kootwijk was the first large government concrete building. Built in the middle of a one kilometer cleared and egalized perimeter it had the massive build quality required for the heavy machinery required for generating long distance radio waves.

In an era when government buildings had to stand out the building was designed with ornaments cast directly into the concrete structure. A truly remarkable building, a milestone in media history, only to serve for a couple of years before shortwave radio evolved into the mainstream communication standard.

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who | Julius Luthmann

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