GasometerTowering over the small town of Oberhausen, Germany, stands the Gasometer. The former industrial building now hosts an exhibition room on the ground floor. Visitors can use the outside elevator to go all the way to the top of the instruction and oversee kilometers of the german Ruhr area.

Even though the area is known as the industrial engine of Germany the view from the top shows a remarkably green landscape.

Oberhausen from gasometer

Big Air Package

But it’s not only the ground floor of the Gasometer that is being repurposed. All 117,5 meters of the building are available for installations like Christo’s Big Air Package. In an inverse rendition of his wellknown theme, Christo has packed the air inside the Gasometer.
Big Air PackageBig Air Package

Big Air Package
The balloon can be watched from the outside as well as the inside

The sheer size of the inside of the structure is hard to register. Lying on your back on the cushions on the floor with more than a hundred meters of air above you, listening to the calming audiotrack echoing through the installation, you find yourself in the biggest meditation room you will ever see.
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