Dutch Design Week

De Witte Dame

Like every year, the opening Eindhoven Design Academy exhibition signals the start of the Dutch Design Week. As it’s becoming an internationally more and more important event, we’ve been seeing some of the concepts online on several design blogs in the weeks before the show. But it’s something else to walk through the exhbition and to be able to talk to the designers yourself.

Radio Royaal

Strijp S is the other big DDW location where a lot of the spin off exhibitions are held. But first it’s time for lunch at Radio Royaal.

Agri meets Design

A quick look at the Agri meets Design exhibtion showing their range of designer/farmer projects.

Technische Universiteit

The promising concept of an industrial design exhibtion at the Technische Universiteit turned out to be smaller and more remote than expected. Still the exhibition with concepts that don’t start at the design end of the process, but start at new technical possibilities or scientific research findings is a great complementary approach to that of the Design Academy.


But the real eye opener was the fact that a small company that started trading fabrics for spices in 1834 turned into today’s Louis Vuitton of Africa. The Vlisco design exhibition shows the unlikely story of big colourful African pattern fashion, designed in a small provincial town in the Netherlands.

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