The MAS in Antwerpen opened in may 2011, inside the former footprint of the Oostershuis, in the former harbours in the city’s north. The bright main staircase wraps around the five floors of the building and offers marvellous views through its waved glass facade, up towards the free access panorama roof.

Every floor has an exhibition area with its own entrance and exit. Contrary to the staircase, these areas lack natural light. Every exit features a way for visitors to take part in the exhibition or to leave feedback.

The building’s facade, floors and ceilings feature a geometric pattern of circles within a tiled red stone grid. Some of the circles are illustrated tiles, some are lighting armatures or ventilation shafts. Both the everpresent pattern and the bright red stone fight for attention, but the consistent application of both features leads to a more esthetic building than the sum of its parts would lead you to expect.

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