Ghost Keeping by István Csákány’s is one of the more impressive visual and conceptual works in the Maastricht Bonnefantenmuseum exhibition Beating Around the Bush. It’s almost a shame that this work is presented next to a bleak intervention in the museum’s Soll LeWitt room by Franz West and another one of those pointless travesties by Atelier van Lieshout.
A lot better, and a little off the grid, is the room filled by Vladimir Arkhipov. I’m not quite sure what to make of the additions of David Hammons.


While the exterior of the building designed by Aldo Rossi remains a Memphis pastiche of former industrial influence – and I don’t like Memphis one bit – it has a wonderful interior, culminating in the Soll LeWitt tower.

where | Maastricht
what | Beating Around the Bush
who | Aldo Rossi | István Csákány | Ai Weiwei | Navid Nuur | Bob Eikelboom | Soll LeWitt | Franz West | Marcel Broodthaers | Vladimir Arkhipov | Duan Jianyu | Józef Robakowski | Atelier van Lieshout | Mai-Thu Perret | Christian Boltanski | David Hammons | Rebecca Morris

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