Return to Louisiana, Denmark. Eight years ago we visited a very impressive interactive video exhibition. This year we were stoked to see that at the time of our stay there would be an exhibtion of Olafur Eliasson’s work.

I tend to enter exhibitions without too much prior research. From time to time the work on display is so impressive that the artist name sticks. Eliasson is one of only a few artists whose work has done that to me. I especially like his installations that mess with your visual perception.

The visit to Louisiana.dk was one of mixed emotions. The model room didn’t really work for me. Without narrative the models add nothing to the work itself. To my surprise I utterly hated the videos in the exhibition, especially the ones with modern dance. Without rules, modern dance has no natural defense against pollution by limited individual talent. I was starting to worry about the rest of the exhibition.

Eliasson’s Riverbed is an impressive installation by sheer scale, but it did not challenge me as much as his visual perception studies. So far his 2010 exhibition in the Martin Gropius Bau was the most spectacular that I’ve seen.

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