The Factory Set

Ron van der EndeAs a long time admirer of his work, Ron van der Ende’s exhibition The Factory Set in the KunstHal in Rotterdam is my first chance to finally meet a lot of his work up close.

And that’s especially important because however cool his objects of choice may be, the real wonder is in the faux-3D of the work. And that is hard to show in an online picture. It’s hard to explain, so here’s a short video.

Ron van der Ende

The amount of detail in reflection areas is impressive. Especially if you keep in mind that van der Ende does not change the original colors of the salvaged woodpieces he uses.

In other works, like the space series, the nails keeping the colored pieces together double as metal riveting in the objects depicted. It’s a wonderful marriage of topic, technique and image.

where | Rotterdam
what | The Factory Set
who | Ron van der Ende

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