Isaac Julien

Enormous projections, synchronised, mirrored or juxtaposed, underline the visual power of Isaac Julien’s work. But audio is at least as important. Julien: “Sometimes the audio is finished long before the final work.”

Brought together in the large spaces of museum De Pont, even if you’re not captured by the narratives, RIOT is a beautiful sensory wonderland to roam through.

Other work in De Pont includes a reacquaintance with Fiona Tan’s Saint Sebastian, David Claerbout’s Shadowdance, collection pieces by Anish Kapoor, the fragile construction tools of Fiona Banner and Willy Doherty’s UNSEEN.

where | Tilburg
what | RIOT
who | Isaac Julien | David Claerbout | Willy Doherty | Fiona Banner | Anish Kapoor | Fiona Tan

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