Five days in Berlin. Too short, really, even though the weather was grey. But with trips to new locations in Kreuzberg, Wedding and near Gleisdreieck we had enough to see.


At this year’s Art Rotterdam one of the stands was inhabited by the Grimmuseum. While in Berlin, a trip to the Kreuzberg location left us somewhat underwhelmed.


Kühlhaus – Soundstudies

The Soundstudies graduation show found a wonderful location in the former Kühlhaus near Gleisdreieck.


KW Berlin

Suspension of Disbelief at KW Berlin plays with perception of perspective.


Collegium Hungaricum

Another first time, a quick visit to the Collegium Hungaricum, reacquaints us with Adam Magyar who featured in an earlier post on this site.



The former Stadbad in Wedding has found a new purpose as a location for art exhibitions and dance parties. We missed the party on the night before, in the afternoon the door to the actual bath was closed much to our regret.


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