Urban Lights Ruhr

For the Urban Lights Ruhr festival, the city of Hagen is lit up by multiple art installations around the city. Highlight of the trip was Simon Faithfull’s Shy Dancefloor.
Not in the least because we had to wait so long until the two little kids could hold still long enough to make the light installation feel secure enough to show itself.


And that is not the only – somewhat uncomfortably – dark pass-through in the city turned into a destination by the installation of light art. All throughout the city installations are found, after dark.

A Kassen

Untitled neon graffiti by A Kassen.

Urban Lights Ruhr 2015

Taturo Atzu

This streetlight turned into a floor lamp is one of Taturo Atzu’s interventions.

Der Bunker

The central hub for all the activities around the light festival, Der Bunker.

where | Hagen
what | Urban Lights Ruhr
who | Taturo Atzu | A Kassen | Simon Faithfull

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