LandschaftsparkThe tall ruins of the former coal and steel production plant in Duisburg bathe in red, green and blue light. Since 1991, when the park was designed by Peter Latz, embracing its industrial history, the park is open to the public and host to cultural and social events.

At night there’s a spooky kind of tension when you’re climbing the vertical steel ladders all the way up the sparcely lit steel installation towers. Vertigo and terror haunt the imaginative visitor, turn after turn around the tall corners secured by a single steel rail fence.



Then, walking between the concrete bunkers, one finds oneself walking through small and cosy gardens. Greenly lit havens of security in the otherwise cold steel factory lands.

Dark blue and black waters flow underneath the construction. Within the main complex, old gas tanks have become pools for scuba divers, concrete walls are used by rock climbers, and one of the most central places of the factory, the middle of the former steel mill, has been made into piazza.




The site was designed with the idea that a grandfather, who might have worked at the plant, could walk with his grandchildren, explaining what he used to do and what the machinery had been used for. Memory was a central theme to the park’s design.

Watch the full gallery of photos taken at the night of our visit.

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