Freedome Beeach

fredomebeeach-16x9Life’s a beeach and then you go bankrupt. Whatever happened to the plans of the Sinai Hotels in Freedome Beeach, something changed halfway realisation of the project, leaving a handful of concrete skeletons deserted in the sand.

Sabine Haubitz and Stefanie Zoche captured the otherworldly atmosphere of one of the most exotic abandoned building locations I have seen in the Sinai Hotels series.

Although the hotels are in different building stages everything stays within the grey, yellow and blue color palette of the site’s surroundings, leaving only the geometrical shapes as evidence of past human presence.


The Taba Heights Hotel even has a fully tiled pool, beautifully mirroring the blue sky above

Above: Taba Heights. Below: King Snefro.

As much as I’m jealous of Haubitz and Zoche for finding this wonderful site, it is obvious that they took their time and found some great angles through the open-walled skeletons.

Radamis Land.


For the full images in the 4×3 gallery, check Sinai Hotels series. More pictures:

who | Sabine Haubitz & Stefanie Zoche
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