This is the third consecutive visit in which the top floor is claimed by Tomas Saraceno. Still a great installation. If you have the chance, go take a walk through the web. New and related, conceptually and aesthetically, is the work of Chiharu Shiota.

Tomas Saraceno

K21 - 03Rheinturm - 3

Chiharu Shiota

This installation looked intriguing on the website, but the threedimensional work is even better than the catalogue photos.

K21 - 06K21 - 04

Antonia Low

Ger van Elk

Ibrahim Mahama


what | K21 Ständehaus
where | Düsseldorf
who | Tomás Saraceno | Chiharu Shiota | Antonia Low | Ger van Elk | Ibrahim Mahama

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