Jean Tinguely

Lots of shapes and movement in the Düsseldorf Kunstpalast, in the Jean Tinguely exhibition.

With his junk objects, machine sculptures, but also his happenings and performances, the Swiss artist Jean Tinguely is regarded as one the most versatile and independent protagonists of the international art scene since the 1950s. Early on he artistically explored the phenomenon of movement.
– smkp.de

For me it is hard to truly appreciate the authenticity of Tinguely’s work between the art of its era. Not bothered by twentieth century boundaries the movement and aesthetics of Tinguely’s work do not speak to me at all.

Kunstpalast - 09Kunstpalast - 08

Caspar David Friedrich

In the regular collection of the Kunstpalast, one thing stopped me dead in my tracks. Right in between the collection of nineteenth century more or less obligatory landscapes, portraits and still lives a strangely mysterious, almost symmetrically mirrored work stood out. This small painting by Caspar David Friedrich just enchanted me.

Caspar David FriedrichCaspar-David-Friedrich---Kreuz-im-Gebirge

Kreuz im Gebirge (1812)

I would not have believed that one small painting could intrigue more than an exhibition full of kinetic modern art, but there it was.

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