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After his endless strain of back alleys Daniel Crooks found an even better frame for his video stitches. In his new video Phantom Ride the tracks lead you through a host of railway landscapes, this time with a clever twist.

As much as in the Embroidery of Voids video, the audio is a huge addition to the experience.

Freedome Beeach

Life’s a beeach and then you go bankrupt. Whatever happened to the plans of the Sinai Hotels in Freedome Beeach, something changed halfway realisation of the project, leaving a handful of concrete skeletons deserted in the sand. Sabine Haubitz and…

Andy Goldsworthy

British sculptor and photographer Andy Goldsworthy lives and works in Scotland, the canvas for his elegant landscape interventions with rocks, twigs and leaves. I can’t wait to recreate his autumn sycamore tree, the next time I find myself in an…

Maker masks

In a growing collection in their Etsy Shop Marianne and Steve from Wintercroft are steadily working on a great set of DIY paper masks. All you have to do is download, print, and assemble. You can chose to work with colored…