References to my favorite design, art and technology links.

Nobody listens

Nobody listens to me double you tee ef Are you not getting through to the people surrounding you? Add the words ‘nobody listens’ to your tweets and Rachel Knoll will make sure these Washington State trees will be your audience.


By taking the picture of an anonymous local girl, and putting it on 11 acres of land near George Best Belfast City Airport, Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada created a wish for the city’s future, for Belfast Festival. map

Wayfinding signage

Creative studio Claan designed wonderful perspective distorted wayfinding signage for the Science and Technology Park of University of Porto.

Beyond the eighth harmonic

The scientific paper Shape oscillation of a levitated drop in an acoustic field by Weiyu Ran and Steven Fredericks introduces the star drop, by placing a simple drop of water into an ultrasonic field. Different harmonics create different shapes in…

Last house standing

Ben Marcin documents the sole survivors of Baltimore’s history of row houses in his series Last House Standing. ‘My interest in these solitary buildings is not only in their ghostly beauty but in their odd placement in the urban landscape.…

Full Turn

Benjamin Muzzin uses two flatscreen monitors to create a modern day zoetrope. Back to back, the screens rotate in tune with the framerate to create seemingly holographic images. But do not touch!

Ruhrtour 2013

Twenty tips in the Ruhr area. In 2010 the Ruhrgebiet was Cultural Capital of Europe. The city of Bochum was the location for festival and theater, Dortmund was creative city, Duisburg harbour was ‘Kulturhafen’, Essen was artsy and Oberhausen a…


Arik Levy’s Wireflow is a series of two- and threedimensional pendant lamps.

Vintage technology

What better way to pay hommage to vintage technology than with a good old GIF animation? Here’s the multicoloured compact cassette.

Apex Predators

Fantich & Young’s Apex Predators reside at the top of their food chain. With no natural enemies no streets are unsafe walking in these shoes.


I for one.. Just look at the range of movement from this sphere robot. Who cares if it doesn’t have hands? It’s wonderful!

Max Bill Chronoscope

One day I will own this Max Bill Chronoscope designed for Junghans. White face, metal mesh wristband and beautiful concave glass. It’s just perfect. Last week, to cure my crush, I went into town and fitted one on my wrist.…


inerciaOne of the most immersive photographic works at Terra Cognita was Carlos Irijalba’s Inertia. Not only visually so, but also technically. The entire video is not free to embed, but you can watch an excerpt on Vimeo.