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BLDG blog posts a lovely compilation video of swiss artist Zimoun‘s work.

Titles like 200 prepared dc-motors, 2000 cardboard elements (2011) and 121 prepared dc-motors (2011) may be factually descriptive but you need to watch the video to see what they mean.

Kevin Cyr

Kevin Cyr‘s work focuses on vehicles he has encountered on the streets of Brooklyn, New York, or places he has traveled. However having always been ‘too chicken to be a graffiti artist’, Kevin finds ‘beauty in derelict cars and unkempt…

Ron van der Ende

Ron van der Ende constructs woodsculptures in semi-3D. The works are all between 15 and 25 cm deep, the perspective comes to life through the constructed mosaic of small woodpieces. In an interview with Diskursdisko Ron explains how he doesn’t…

Go around twice if you’re happy

Vincent and Matthew directed this video that never fails to make me happy. I don’t know if it’s the wonderful soundtrack but it has brought tears to my eyes. “We tried to prove that while parrots repeat, cars talk.” Put…