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Origami sofa

Yumi Yoshida designed his Origami Sofa to transform into a mat, so you can keep your minimalist interior and still invite all your friends over.


Doesn’t Tham & Videgård‘s gorgeous treehouse make you wanna book a room and pack immediately? Good news, you can!


Hong Kong born designer Lambie Chan used wood from his new home country Australia for his Ribbon Bench. The edgy but elegant 55.0 x 199.0 x 97.5 cm piece is made of twisted Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus regnans).

Wayfinding signage

Creative studio Claan designed wonderful perspective distorted wayfinding signage for the Science and Technology Park of University of Porto.


Arik Levy’s Wireflow is a series of two- and threedimensional pendant lamps.

Parallax gravity

Parallax GravitationToasty Games have been tweaking gravity itself in Parallax, their as yet unreleased black and white portal puzzle. Watch the dizzying demo footage.

A million times

Aluminium, electric components, electricity. That’s what Humans Since 1982 used to create this wall of wow.

Vintage technology

What better way to pay hommage to vintage technology than with a good old GIF animation? Here’s the multicoloured compact cassette.

Apex Predators

Fantich & Young’s Apex Predators reside at the top of their food chain. With no natural enemies no streets are unsafe walking in these shoes.

Max Bill Chronoscope

One day I will own this Max Bill Chronoscope designed for Junghans. White face, metal mesh wristband and beautiful concave glass. It’s just perfect. Last week, to cure my crush, I went into town and fitted one on my wrist.…

Monstrous playgrounds

Danish architects Ole B. Nielsen and Christian Jensen (Monstrum) create wonderfully weird playgrounds. Just look at that oiltanker wreck! And what about the whale, exterior and interior?