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Sunset Ghost

Sunset Skateboards offers this wonderful transparent retro mini cruiser with white flare wheels. Looking for a backpack cruiser, the minute I saw it I knew I had to get me one. And I did! And now they’re sold out, so…


Industrial designer Rudolf Stefanich designed this wonderful noise cancelling device for city dwellers. This won’t help you on a hot day when you need your windows to be open, but when they’re closed the selective filtering will let you keep…


I for one.. Just look at the range of movement from this sphere robot. Who cares if it doesn’t have hands? It’s wonderful!

Max Bill Chronoscope

One day I will own this Max Bill Chronoscope designed for Junghans. White face, metal mesh wristband and beautiful concave glass. It’s just perfect. Last week, to cure my crush, I went into town and fitted one on my wrist.…