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Andy Goldsworthy

British sculptor and photographer Andy Goldsworthy lives and works in Scotland, the canvas for his elegant landscape interventions with rocks, twigs and leaves. I can’t wait to recreate his autumn sycamore tree, the next time I find myself in an…


With a simple trick Dennis Hlynsky transforms a simple video of birds in flight to a mesmerizing work of art. By focusing on moving objects in a shot and leaving a number of ghost images in place with a set…

Nobody listens

Nobody listens to me double you tee ef Are you not getting through to the people surrounding you? Add the words ‘nobody listens’ to your tweets and Rachel Knoll will make sure these Washington State trees will be your audience.

Snow Circles

This January Colorado’s Rabbit Ears Pass was turned into an artist’s canvas. Check this video of Sonja Hinrichsen’s take on a crop circle winter wonderland.