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After his endless strain of back alleys Daniel Crooks found an even better frame for his video stitches. In his new video Phantom Ride the tracks lead you through a host of railway landscapes, this time with a clever twist.

As much as in the Embroidery of Voids video, the audio is a huge addition to the experience.

Bach in Lights

In Bach in Lights Alan Warburton takes you on a visual trip through Johann Sebastian Bach’s The Well Tempered Clavier. Warburton: “In 1722, Johann Sebastian Bach began one of his most ambitious works: a 24-part comprehensive guide to the keyboard,…


In what looks like a parallax animated photographic still, Adam Magyar captures the waiting passengers in Shinjuku station, Tokyo. The high speed camera used for Stainless – Shinjuku manages to capture high quality images while the train is still running…


With a simple trick Dennis Hlynsky transforms a simple video of birds in flight to a mesmerizing work of art. By focusing on moving objects in a shot and leaving a number of ghost images in place with a set…

Sonic levitation

Watch how Yoichi Ochiai, Takayuki Hoshi and Jun Rekimoto – of the Nagoya Institute of Technology and the University of Tokyo – use soundwaves to levitate objects and manipulate their position in mid air. Extra bonus points for the soundtrack!


San Diego midday traffic is a mess. Cy Kuckenbaker decided to clean things up. “The source footage for this video is a 4-minute shot from the Washington Street bridge above State Route 163 in San Diego (..) There are no…

Time after Time

Video is always a problem in an exhibition. It’s not often that you really sit down and take time to watch the entire video. But when you do, sometimes these are the works of art that stay with you the…

Beyond the eighth harmonic

The scientific paper Shape oscillation of a levitated drop in an acoustic field by Weiyu Ran and Steven Fredericks introduces the star drop, by placing a simple drop of water into an ultrasonic field. Different harmonics create different shapes in…


inerciaOne of the most immersive photographic works at Terra Cognita was Carlos Irijalba’s Inertia. Not only visually so, but also technically. The entire video is not free to embed, but you can watch an excerpt on Vimeo.

Chemin Vert

Chemin VertGiacomo Miceli travelled around the world from behind his desk, creating a Google Streetview based little big planet of many wonders.