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Clock of clocks

This clock by Christiaan Postma consists of more than 150 separate clocks, each of them playing a role in a hybrid typographic/hand device to tell what time it is.

Christiaan explains the concept:
The word “three” completely appears when it’s exactly 3 o’clock and will then transform again as time passes. The word “four” begins to appear and at exactly 4 o’clock the word “four” is clearly visible. The word “three” is by then totally vanished and no longer readable.

Hard to visualize? Watch the accelerated animation below to see how it works.

Ron van der Ende

Ron van der Ende constructs woodsculptures in semi-3D. The works are all between 15 and 25 cm deep, the perspective comes to life through the constructed mosaic of small woodpieces. In an interview with Diskursdisko Ron explains how he doesn’t…

Form follows function

This is just so perfect. This singlehanded clock by Denis Guidone tells you just about what time it is. Tilt it to the other half of its base and it’ll show daylight savings time. The “Ora ilLegale”. Simple. Brilliant. I…

Don’t be afraid

There has been a lot of controversy about first person shooters. There’s a not much of a gray area in discussions on the topic. Giant Sparrow’s concept may be all black and white, but this first person shooter may just be received with a lot more nuance than other titles in its genre.

The Unfinished Swan is a first-person painting game set in an entirely white world. Players can splatter paint to help them find their way through an unusual garden.

Eureka carpark

Axel Peemoeller designed this huge colourful typographic wayfinding signage for the Eureka Parking in Melbourne. The characters are distorted by their perspective projection designed to be legible from the driver seat of the visiting cars.

Redline GTP

Turning Papyrus’ NASCAR racing 2003 simulation into a true 80s/90s GTP simulation requires more than editing models, physics and sounds. With its dark blue and red interface, less-than-subtle typography and clunky feedback sounds Nascar Racing 2003 Season oozes North American…


Right after I got my degree in graphic design in 1997 vpro took note of my graduation project and hired me to experiment on then uncharted territory, the internet.

Digital Decay

Graduation project. The Internet is not a highway anymore at all. You can forget about making miles these days. All these homepages and webcommercials make it look more like a small town center. Everybody has their own front lawn, some…