Origami sofa

Yumi Yoshida designed his Origami Sofa to transform into a mat, so you can keep your minimalist interior and still invite all your friends over.


Doesn’t Tham & Videgård‘s gorgeous treehouse make you wanna book a room and pack immediately? Good news, you can!


In what looks like a parallax animated photographic still, Adam Magyar captures the waiting passengers in Shinjuku station, Tokyo. The high speed camera used for Stainless – Shinjuku manages to capture high quality images while the train is still running…


With a simple trick Dennis Hlynsky transforms a simple video of birds in flight to a mesmerizing work of art. By focusing on moving objects in a shot and leaving a number of ghost images in place with a set…

Infinite shove

Cinthia Marcelle‘s 475 Volver pitches a JCB in an infinite shove. “One JCB machine goes through the form of an infinite symbol transporting dirt from one side to the other and then repeats the movement from that side back to…

Pretty big dig

In Pretty Big Dig, an unusual marriage between ballet and heavy machinery, Newfoundland artist Anne Troake creates a wonderful display of power and grace.


Hong Kong born designer Lambie Chan used wood from his new home country Australia for his Ribbon Bench. The edgy but elegant 55.0 x 199.0 x 97.5 cm piece is made of twisted Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus regnans).

Sonic levitation

Watch how Yoichi Ochiai, Takayuki Hoshi and Jun Rekimoto – of the Nagoya Institute of Technology and the University of Tokyo – use soundwaves to levitate objects and manipulate their position in mid air. Extra bonus points for the soundtrack!


San Diego midday traffic is a mess. Cy Kuckenbaker decided to clean things up. “The source footage for this video is a 4-minute shot from the Washington Street bridge above State Route 163 in San Diego (..) There are no…